Kamehameha I + Kanekapolei (W)

Kahiwa Kanekapolei II (W)

Kānekapolei II + Nu‘Uanu (K)

Kīkau (K)

Kīkau + Kapolei (W)

Kamau‘u (W)

Kahanupa‘a (W)

Kapuaokamakahala (W)

John Holbron + Kamau‘u (W)

Robert Holbron

Mele Holbron

Robert Holbron + Annie Lundum

Rosa Holbron

Rosa Holbron + Frank Kāna‘e

Alice Pualeilani Kāna‘e

Alice P. Kāna‘e + Alex Kapilialoha Hewett

Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett

Oliver Holmes' parents were Simeon Holmes and Mercy Weston. Oliver is a direct descendant of John Alden, the first man to step off the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock. Alden is a signer of the Mayflower Compact as well.

Oliver Holmes took residence on the island of Oahu in 1793. He married a niece of Kamehameha I after the unification of the islands. Holmes also served as the Royal Governor of Oahu for Kamehameha.

Ka‘ulaheanuiokamoku + Papaikaniau



Kekaulike + Kekuiapoiwanui



Kamehamehanui + Manuha`aipo



Kalaniulumoku + Unknown


Mahi (w)



Mahi + Oliver Holmes


George Holmes

Polly Holmes

Hannah Holmes

Charlotte Holmes


Polly Pa‘a‘āina Holmes + Isaiah Lewis


Isaac Lewis aka Kana‘e

Isaac Lewis aka Kana‘e + Kumahaulu






Isaac Lewis Kana‘e + Kekini


Kapapanaha (w) (2nd marriage)

Mary Kana‘e + Naea


John Naea Kana‘e

John N. Kana‘e + Sarah Kelomiki Hookano


Frank Ka‘aiali‘i Kana‘e

Frank K. Kana‘e + Rose Holbron


Frank K. Kana‘e Jr.

Frank K. Kana‘e Jr. + Iwa Rowan


Alice Pualeilani Kana‘e

Alice Pualeilani Kana‘e + Alexander Kapilialoha Hewett



This information concerning my ancestor, Oliver Holmes was obtained from:

Historical Collections of Hawai'i

Keepers of the Culture

A Study in Time, of the Hawai'ian Islands

Important People - Part 16.

by Darlene E. Kelley


[ HOMA ]

(? -1825 )

Holmes, an early American settler in Hawai'i, was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He left New Bedford to trade in the Pacific and arrived in the islands in the Margaret in 1793. He was one of the first dozen foreigners to live in Hawai'i, and the only one to have been in the service of Kalamikapule before joining that of Kamehameha I.

It became quite fashionable for every chief of note to have one or two or more of these foreigners in his employ. They were not always the best specimens of their class but made themselves serviceable as interpreters

and factors in trading with foreign ships and their skill and adroitness in managing firearms and in many other things hitherto unknown to

Hawai'ians, made them valuable to the chiefs, who aided them to run away from their ships, or even kidnap them if other means failed. In return if these sailors could not be found when the ships left port, they were abandoned or a Hawai'ian would be enlisted to serve in the missing sailors place on board ship.

After the victory of Kamehameha on O'ahu, Holmes married Mahi Kalanihooulumokuikekai, daughter of a high chief of Koolau who was

killed in the battle of the Nuuanu Pali. Holmes was made a governor of O'ahu and supported the establishment of the Protestant mission in 1820. Although said to be a member of the prominent Holmes family of New England, Oliver was content to live in a grass roofed dwelling and his household was Hawai'ian in every way. He provisioned visiting ships and

sojourning ship captains were his paying guests. The couple had a number of pretty daughters. Hannah married Captain William Heath Davis and later his partner, John Coffin Jones.

Oliver Holmes + Mahi Kalanihooulumoku








Hannah Holmes +Wm. Heath Davis


KIA Robt. Grimes Davis

Wm. Heath Davis, Jr.

Hannah Holmes + John Coffin Jones, Jr.


Elizabeth Jones

George Holmes ? ?

Polly Holmes +Capt. Isaiah Lewis


John Lewis

Isaac (KIA Aikake Lui)

John G. (K/A Keo Lui)

Polly Holmes + Mills "Palu"


William Mills

Polly Holmes + Washington Crocker


Thomas Crocker

Polly Holmes + George Colman nj.

Charlotte Holmes + Capt. HammettlHammatt =

Harriet Hammett

Mary Holmes + Capt. Bancroft


Helen Bancroft

Helen Bancroft + Hardwick = ?

Jane Holmes + Nathan Spear


Wm. Spear




Samuel Richards, Born 28 Oct 1787 In St Neot(Cornwall) Eng; Died Unknown In St Neot(Cornwall) Eng. He Was The Son Of Richard Richards And Elizabeth Saunders. He Married Joannah "Hannah" May 11 Dec 1811 In St Neot(Cornwall) Eng. Joannah "Hannah" May, Born Abt 1790 In Cornwall Eng; Died Unknown In St Neot(Cornwall) Eng.

Samuel Richards + Joannah “Hannah” May

Child 1: Elizabeth Richards, Born: 29 Mar 1812

Child 2: Richard Richards, Born: 5 Mar 1815

Child 3: Jane Richards, Born: 21 Jun 1818

Child 4: Samuel Richards, Born: 13 Nov 1819

Child 5: Katherine Richards, Born: 3 Mar 1822

Child 6: Thomas Richards, Born: 12 Nov 1823

Child 7: William Richards, Born: 5 Oct 1828

Child 8: Louisa Grace Richards Born: 21 May 1831 St. Neot, Cornwall England

Married 1: William Augustus Rowan 8 Dec 1854 In Kaneohe(Oahu) Hawaii. He Died N 1861

1. Charles Rowan (Son)

2. William Rowan (Son)

3. George Rowan (Son)

Married 2: Andrew Jackson Mckenney 1862 Kaneohe (Oahu) Hawaii He Died 1878

Andrew Mckenney Jr (Son)

Edward Mckenney (Son)

Lydia Mckenney (Daughter)

Catherine Mckenny (Daughter)

Married 3: Robert Brown 8 Apr 1879 In Kaneohe(Oahu)Hawaii(Divorced)

Louisa Grace Richards Died: 16 Oct 1908 Antimony (Garfield) Utah Buried: Antimony Cemetery

George Rowan + Kelekia Ha‘Aeoholani Akona

Eva Rown

Eva Rowan + Frank Ka‘Aiali‘i Kāna‘e Jr

Alice Pualeilani Kāna‘e

Alice P. Kāna‘e + Alex Kapilialoha Hewett

Kawaikapuokalani Hewett

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